“Form is  regarded  not as a neat  mold to be filled,  but rather as  a sieve to catch  kinds of material."                                           

                                                                                                                                                                                             Theodore Roethke

                                                    ABOUT THE STUDIO:

                                                    Wang, Jinsheng’s Studio,  established in NYC in  2004,  is a place  where  all  the fragmentary skills and

                                                     venues of  experience are brought  under  one workshop making  it a cogent  home for  hands and mind.

                                                     At the workshop, heritage and home, artistic training and design education, and imagination and dexterity

                                                     are reconfigured. 


                                                    ABOUT THE PRODUCTS:

                                                    The products are made of common industrial materials such as PVC piping, book shelf tracking,  and acrylic

                                                    and cement boards.

                                                    The 2007 line:  Erector Designs

                                                    The 2006 line:  The Dovetail Line- Fastener Experiments.

                                                    The 2005 line:  Trio- Sculptural Seating

                                                    The 2004 line:  E-wick- Sculptural Lighting

                                                                                                                             without pause